Lanzarote Guide: 13 Awesome Places to Visit


4/6/20249 min read

So you're in search of a Lanzarote guide for your upcoming trip? Look no further than our 13 awesome things to do on the island!

Visiting Lanzarote - Need to Know

Lanzarote is one of the eight Canary Islands (4th largest) and is of volcanic origin, having been formed around 15 million years ago. Across the island, there are estimated to be around 120-150 volcanoes, and the last eruption took place in 1824.

Best Area to Stay

In general, Lanzarote is very family-friendly, but your chosen area will depend on your needs. Puerto del Carmen is a popular choice, as it's close to the airport and there are many restaurants and amenities nearby, particularly on the long strip which can be popular for nightlife too. Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca are also potential options for a more low-key and relaxed location.


There are public buses, however, we found them a little unpredictable. If you want to explore, we recommend hiring a car - it was so easy and the smooth roads are a dream to drive on! Also, as the island is just 800 it only ever takes up to an hour to visit any attractions (from Puerto del Carmen).


As with much of Europe, Lanzarote uses the € Euro currency. Major credit cards are widely accepted but cash is always handy too! Coming from the UK, we generally found the island to be affordable and never felt stretched, money-wise.


Although geographically located off the West Coast of Africa, Lanzarote is one of the 8 Canary Islands, which are part of Spain so the spoken language is Spanish.

English is widely spoken across the island however.


If you are anything like us, a wide variety of restaurant options is absolutely essential on our trips - and Lanzarote certainly impressed us! Whether you fancy Chinese, Tex-Mex, Burgers, Italian, or Indian food, it's all there for you to enjoy, particularly in Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca along the strip.

In fact, the only food we noticed to be lacking, was traditional tapas-style Spanish food, however there are some tapas bars over in Teguise if you're interested.


One of the best things about Lanzarote is the temperate climate from which the Canary Islands benefit all year round! With its geographical positioning on the coast of the Western Sahara, even during winter months (Dec-Feb) temperatures reach a minimum of "late teens" to 20 degrees celsius. It is therefore a perfect place for some Winter Sun!

1. Timanfaya National Park

No Lanzarote Guide would be complete without this beautiful gem!

Lanzarote is most famous for its ‘other worldly’ landscape which is most prevalent at Timanfaya National Park. There are estimated to be 120-150 volcanoes on the island! But don’t worry, the last eruption was way back in 1824.

The incredible lava field landscape that can be seen today is a result of a six year period of eruptions in the 1730s.

The best way to see this area is via a guided coach tour through the only road in the park (private cars are not allowed). It’s not possible to get off the bus, but this does not take away from the impressive scenery that is unlike many places on Earth.

For your guided tour – we would recommend the Volcanoes and Caves: Full Day Tour of Lanzarote on Get Your Guide.

Be sure to watch the displays at the visitor centre too which provide an interesting insight into the heat just under your feet!

2. Los Volcanoes National Park

Spend a morning hiking in Los Volcanes National Park. Whilst there are a multitude of options, we decided to hike the Caldera Blanca (White Basin) near Mancha Blanca.

Caldera Blanca (“White Crater”) is 458m in height, which sounds tough but don’t worry it’s already 200m above sea level! The crater is the widest on the island spanning a staggering 1.15km in diameter.

From the main car park outside Mancha Blanca village, the walk takes around 2-3 hours (roundtrip) and is fairly flat until the final 10 minute ascend. Just be sure to take some sturdy trainers/boots to tackle the stoney paths!

FUN FACT: According to our tour guide, around 300,000 earthquakes happen in Lanzarote every year! There was even one when we visited (albeit a 2.2 on the Richter scale).

3. Jameos Del Agua

Jameos del Agua is the crown jewel in the creations of César Manrique that are dotted around Lanzarote.

Here, the innovative artist has transformed a series of lava tunnels into a restaurant, swimming pool, auditorium as well as a spectacular subterranean salt lake.

4. Mirador del Rio

Another one of Cesar Manrique's creations, this former military base has been transformed into a fabulous viewpoint hidden in the rocks. Located 400 metres high on the Risco de Famara, the cafe and outside viewing platform offers incredible panoramic views of Lanzarote’s coastline and La Graciosa Island in the distance.

Be warned and hold onto your hats (literally) as this is the windiest place we’ve ever been to! You can however take shelter in the cool modern cafe – grab a coffee and admire the panoramic views.

5. Cueva de Los Verdes

Visiting the lava tunnel created by Volcán de la Corona is an absolute must for all visitors to Lanzarote. The 45-60 minute guided tour takes you through a circa 2KM section of the lava tunnel which is unlike any cave we’ve ever visited before.

'The cave is also used for concerts and this would be such a cool experience as the acoustics would be incredible.

FUN FACT: – the cave was used as a hideout by the locals to protect themselves from invasions and attacks from pirates during the 16th and 17th Centuries.

6. Villa de Teguise

We originally visited the old town of Villa de Teguise for the weekly Sunday morning market. However, upon arrival we were a little underwhelmed as the majority of items being sold here were souvenirs that were sold elsewhere.

However, it was the multitude of unusual buildings and quaint square that surprised us the most, with the attractive church bell tower. Along the streets and in the square, you will find craft shops selling arty souvenirs. If you love Cesar Manrique, be sure to check out the dedicated store selling various merchandise items! If you fancy a bite to eat, there are a number of inviting tapas restaurants to try.

We were surprised to discover that Teguise is the former capital of Lanzarote before Arrecife, and they are very different places.

We would definitely recommend visiting Teguise if you fancy a potter around somewhere a little different. Depending on whether you choose to eat here, you won’t need long – perhaps around 2 hours.

7. Los Hervideros and El Lago Verde

If you’re a fan of gorgeous coastal views, a trip to Los Hervideros on the west coast is a must! The orange-red volcanic rocky cliffs contrast perfectly with the black sand beaches and crashing blue waves.

But the beauty doesn’t stop there! Just around the corner you will see El Lago Verde, a natural phenomenon tucked in a small cove. The dazzling Green Lake is formed from trapped water where algae lives.

FUN FACT: The Canary Islands are geographically in Africa, but are actually part of Spain.

8. La Geria Vineyard

Hands up if you’re a fan of the vino! Well, make sure you visit La Geria Vineyard which uses volcanic ash from former eruptions to harvest the muscatel and malvasía grape varieties. You can just admire the vineyards (with unique windbreaker walls) from afar or take a guided tour with wine tasting!

9. Playa de Famara

Famara Beach is probably the most idyllic beach on Lanzarote. The beautiful golden sandy beach seems to go on forever against the backdrop of the large cliffs of Riscos de Famara which makes for some stunning photo opportunities.

Due to the prevailing winds, this isn’t the most ideal place for sun worshippers but well worth a stroll and some chill time whilst you admire the skills of the surfers... surf lessons are available too!

10. Jardin de Cactus

Another one of Cesar Manrique’s creations, this cactus garden contains 4,500 specimens of 450 different species. Here you will find cacti in all forms – tall, short, skinny, wide, bendy.. you name it!

Be sure to climb up the stairs to see the cute windmill, which is also a perfect Instagram shot opportunity! To be honest, at €6.50 per adult it was a nice little wander – for more information visit the website.

11. Museo LagoMar

If you’ve been impressed by Cesar Manrique’s work so far, then don’t miss out on LagOmar! A truly awesome private property that has been built into the surrounding volcanic rock, it is well and truly inspired by nature.

Admire the array of exotic plants, artistic winding stairways, cute hidden courtyards and private pool. It will leave you dreaming of having the best party with all your friends!

To find out more about LagOmar, check out the website.

FUN FACT: In the 1970s, actor Omar Sherif fell in love with the house and actually bought it! But.. after a disappointing game of Bridge (against the European champion of the game – unknown to Sherif at the time) he lost the property very soon after!

Fancy saving some money? If you plan on visiting a few of the "Manrique" attractions, there are ‘bonus’ tickets priced at between €23.50 and €35.00, covering 3 to 6 of his attractions. Purchasing these tickets will save you between €5 and €12.50 each!

12. Arrecife

The city of Arrecife is also the capital of Lanzarote and home to the island’s airport. Having wandered around for a short while we found that there wasn’t a huge amount to see or do. However, we did find some quirky and unusual buildings along the way (pictured)!

For those with hire cars and like a bit of culture, it is worth visiting the Castillo de San José which is an historic fortress dating back to the late 1800s. But there’s a surprise.. the interior is fantastically quirky having been repurposed by local artist Cesar Manrique into a modern art gallery!

13. Playa Blanca

Having stayed in Puerto del Carmen on our first visit, on our more recent trip we mixed it up, opting for Playa Blanca, a popular family location situated on the southernmost tip of the island. We were definitely impressed with this area, with its pleasant seafront walks, beautifully landscaped harbour area and a multitude of restaurants/amenities close by in the centre.

There is a good selection of hotels to choose from depending on your individual needs, but we noted that the main offer was resort-style accommodation types in the 4-5* region. During the off-season (November to March), per night this could cost anywhere between £100 and £800 per night.

We stayed in the Lanzarote Princess Hotel, rated as 4* and we did enjoy our stay, but we also felt that some aspects did not reach this standard. It was great value for money though so we would recommend if you are looking for a place within walking distance of Playa Blanca town with good facilities.


Well... that's a wrap on this Lanzarote guide. I hope you enjoyed reading and have picked up lots of inspiration for your upcoming trip! Be sure to stay in touch - follow me on Instagram at @ceejyloves and it would be great to connect.

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